Friday, February 11, 2011

The Intricacies of Liberal Agenda Funding

On his program Glenn Beck discusses ties between many organizations, pointing out that they are collaborating to push a progressive agenda.  Sometimes liberals come back with “well, they do good things” and have a list of positive accomplishments, but buried in those organizations are smaller projects with their own objectives.  So how do you tie the organizations together since, individually, they seem to have varied goals?

To do this you would need another organization that is actually directing and funding the agenda.  It does the overall ‘big picture’ planning, then ‘delegates’ individual objectives to the smaller organizations.  Then it provides the funding for the individual objectives.  The overall objective is geared toward spreading 'social justice' and pushing different progressive agendas behind the scenes, such as helping to drive the health care debate, global warming, government spending...etc..

A basic example of this would be PBS.  I’m not saying PBS is directly involved, but the process of how it works is a good example.  For many programs, you see a notice that 'This program made possible by a grant from etc...'.  The organization providing the grant might have funded just one program or a series of programs, but it doesn't necessarily have anything else to do with PBS.

That's what muddles the works and makes tracking down and explaining the flow of information and funding difficult.  There might be some good causes being funded and accomplished through the same smaller organizations. 

As Glenn tries to explain these connections, it takes several days to lay out the details.  Based on the quantity of information, it makes it easy for liberal groups to pummel him with out-of-context phrases or to find one incorrect sentence.  They seldom ever specifically attack the connections.  As a distraction they just go directly to personal attacks on the smaller, insignificant statements.

Only one organization doing the planning and funding was used for the simplicity of this example.  In reality, I believe many of these massive foundations exist, directly funding projects using billions of dollars.  They fund projects in just about every organization that Glenn has listed over the last couple of years. With these networks exposed in greater detail, basically you could say 'stuff it' to liberals who blather about Glenn 'just makin' up wild conspiracy theories'.