Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Cable News Sandbox - Monday October 6, 2014

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Moderator dodged Ebola at the State Fair of Texas

Two goals at the State Fair of Texas:

Fried Chocolate Maple Bacon Amazeballz

Fried Chocolate Maple Bacon Amazeballz – Moist chocolate cake is mixed with creamy chocolate frosting, maple syrup, & bacon pieces.  The mixture is then rolled into balls and deep fried.  The hot cake balls are dusted with powdered sugar, drizzled with chocolate & maple syrups, and finished with more bacon crumbles.

Deep Fried Smoked Brisket

Deep Fried Smoked Brisket – 12 hour smoked brisket is sliced, dipped in a  buttermilk egg wash, then dipped in seasoned flour,  re-dipped in egg wash, and coated with a seasoned Panko breading and deep fried.  Served with a fried smokehouse onion ring, BBQ sauce, and pickle slices.  Can be ordered spicy or regular.


My wife had the best comment about the Amazeballs.  "A couple of inches from gross."  I told a representative near some kind of odd looking Ford eco-??? - "Looking at that in addition to the Amazeballs makes me want to barf."  He found NO humor in that...my wife... "Did he just walk away from you without saying anything?"  (she didn't hear what I said to him...but.......whatever that car was it was just as disgusting).

The deep fried brisket?  I could absolutely live off of it.  It was...'amazing'.  The most awesome oddball food I have had in a long time.  Deep fried PBJ sandwiches (I think they might have also had banana in them) were great as well.