Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Really Runs Our Country and Guides Our Leaders?

A few weeks ago I was looking into the Jewish community for something beyond a ‘statement that they found insulting’ as to why they had launched an all out assault on Glenn Beck.  I knew there had to be more behind it.  As a result, I stumbled upon groups and ideologies that I had never imagined existed that are co-opting the foundation of America.  I am just scratching the surface here.  I could write dozens of pages just on the information I have found in the past few weeks.

Glenn has often mentioned that there are large organizational structures behind a progressive agenda.  The most basic statement that can be made when investigating such a structure is ‘follow the money’.  Are there large organizations with detailed objectives that are funding smaller organizations?  There are many.  Here I will examine one.

Liberals say Glenn is a wild conspiracy theorist.  Does this statement, from an annual report of a leftist foundation, agree with the statements that Glenn has been derided for making for the last couple of years:

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Intricacies of Liberal Agenda Funding

On his program Glenn Beck discusses ties between many organizations, pointing out that they are collaborating to push a progressive agenda.  Sometimes liberals come back with “well, they do good things” and have a list of positive accomplishments, but buried in those organizations are smaller projects with their own objectives.  So how do you tie the organizations together since, individually, they seem to have varied goals?