Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Really Runs Our Country and Guides Our Leaders?

A few weeks ago I was looking into the Jewish community for something beyond a ‘statement that they found insulting’ as to why they had launched an all out assault on Glenn Beck.  I knew there had to be more behind it.  As a result, I stumbled upon groups and ideologies that I had never imagined existed that are co-opting the foundation of America.  I am just scratching the surface here.  I could write dozens of pages just on the information I have found in the past few weeks.

Glenn has often mentioned that there are large organizational structures behind a progressive agenda.  The most basic statement that can be made when investigating such a structure is ‘follow the money’.  Are there large organizations with detailed objectives that are funding smaller organizations?  There are many.  Here I will examine one.

Liberals say Glenn is a wild conspiracy theorist.  Does this statement, from an annual report of a leftist foundation, agree with the statements that Glenn has been derided for making for the last couple of years:

 “…*** rose to all these challenges, and although we came through
financially diminished—we were right on course with our programmatic efforts. As the
following pages demonstrate, our programmatic efforts were key to almost every big
issue facing the country: access to health care; energy policy and climate change, and
through the stimulus program, the beginnings of a transition to a green economy; Middle
East peace efforts; arts as a key to social justice; and corporate accountability….”
I believe that is a very clear summary of an organization that would fit into the category of pushing our government into their direction.  But he also stated that organizations had been building this for years.  That it isn’t some small grassroots movement.  How long has this plan been in the works?
"...Our objectives reflected this bold and hopeful agenda, and this made sense when they were developed at the end of 2008. The six years that *** grantees had put into shifting the climate discourse and policy agenda had paid off, and President Obama had been elected on a mandate to solve some of our thorniest problems through large investments in clean energy...."

That’s just a broad statement though.  What did they actually accomplish?  What about the massive stimulus that was rushed through?

"...Two grants were made to advance this agenda at the national level. The first was made to the Natural Capital Institute to renew support for Green for All, the new national initiative founded by the Ella Baker Center’s Van Jones. Green for All had a phenomenally successful first year, helping to win approval for $500 million for green job training in the President’s stimulus package...."

“…In conjunction with Collaborative Initiatives, a renewal grant was made to Seizing the Energy Opportunity, a project of the Center for American Progress. Renewed support helped CAP build on last year’s study on the need for public investment in the transition to a low-carbon economy. That study was highly influential in the design of the President’s stimulus package, with ***’s investment leveraging several tens of billions of dollars in federal spending….”

So there were heavily funded organizations that had a great hand in developing the stimulus.  And is that in line with the way our government should function?  The democrats scream if a corporation or lobby group has anything to do with government spending.  What do you call a massive foundation that is pouring money into dozens of organizations with the objective of influencing our government?  Oh, but ‘they’ are different.  How?  Because the agenda is more suitable to the progressives desires?  It’s still a heavily funded lobby group that most Americans don’t know about.  And as an organization with individual objectives that spread out beyond our boarders, who funds them?  How much ‘foreign money’ is flowing through them to influence our government?

As stated in the first quote above, they also had goals to influence the health care debate.  In what ways could massive funds influence that debate?

...Even more significantly for the Health Program, the new President made health reform his top domestic policy priority. Over the previous several years, *** had invested in the development of a strong network of consumer health advocates building public demand for fundamental reform of the health care system to expand access, improve quality and contain costs. Based in large part on an influential analysis by *** grantee Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, the President argued that rising health care costs are the greatest long-term threat to the federal budget as well as to the economic well-being of American families...."

Most of America didn’t want the complete destruction of our health care system.  But a few, when well organized and heavily funded, can sway an agenda against many.  That was not the intention of our founding fathers when they created this nation.  The concept that a few, driven by deep religious beliefs that they are right and everyone else is wrong, can command such power in our nation, is not the American way.  It might be the ‘world’ way, but this is America.

One organization funded by many different organizations creating initiatives to achieve these goals.  One organization that is heavily funding the Jewish groups that are attacking Glenn.  There is no wonder now why they want to silence him.  He is the greatest danger to their objectives.    

The organization…one of many…The Nathan Cummings Foundation.

2009 Annual Report

2009 Financial Report

Just a few grants awarded in 2009:

Center for American Progress – $400,000
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – $200,000
Ella Baker Center – $350,000
Jewish Funds for Justice – $550,000
J Street Education Fund, Inc. – $200,000

Organizations with goals of controlling the health care debate, directing stimulus funds, pushing global warming, and destroying Glenn.

They have been quietly working in the darkness behind the scenes.  It’s time to shine the light on the organizations, and let America know who is really controlling their country so they can take it back.