Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Day 2014

Today is Election Day.  It’s an exciting time for people here at The Conservative Truth.  Most of the people who gather here to discuss a ‘positive change’ for the country are political junkies.  At minimum they have a great interest in the process, and a high level of knowledge of the issues.  At max, they could be like me.  Absolutely addicted to politics and wishing it was my entire life. A strong desire to be an actual part of the campaigning and political processes.  A desire to make a difference.  They could have the same great envy of Carl Cameron as I do.  How awesome would it be to ‘be Carl Cameron’ (name of a movie…or a FNR special maybe?).  My wife reminds me, ‘You tell me that over and over every election season’?  Yes I do.

Today we work to take the Senate to begin the restoration of American.  That can only happen if we vote.  And in America, we have that freedom.

Sadly, this is something you would never see from current day Hollywood.  Let's restore the pride.

Election Links

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* Note:  I would have included a link to Rasmussen Reports election 2014 page, but he has chosen to have advertisement videos annoyingly auto-start shortly after you pull the page up.  

A Message From TruthBeagle...

Thank you all for being part of the 'Election 2014' experience here at The Conservative Truth.  It was great to share this exciting, momentous day with such a devoted group of patriots.  Devoted to the country, the founders, the Constitution, and restoring America to the excellence that the world had previously known.  Together we can make a difference.  Again, thank you.  Without all of you this would be a pretty boring place...TB...