Monday, July 13, 2015

The Cable News Sandbox - Friday July 10, 2015

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*** Commentary Regarding Featured Comment ***

The comment featured below refers to an article that is a prime example of the ROT that is progressivism.  The democratic party, and liberalism in general, has been taken over by radical progressives.  Unfortunately that 'minority' is well funded and well organized.  They are a loud, forceful, deceitful minority who will do whatever it takes and destroy whomever it takes to achieve their goals.  They are very adept at duping the American public, especially democrats and sane liberals.

All democrats/liberals should be shown that article, and asked... 'Do you believe it?'  If not, explain that they need to rethink their alliances.

As the brainwashing and phony race-baiting continues to gain strength, more and more Americans will fall into the trap and believe it or disregard it as irrelevant.   That article is PURE PROOF of the extent that progressives HATE America, and their strong desire to see it eliminated.  The complete article: