Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox - Monday June 20, 2016

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Sunday June 19, 2016 FNC premiered the second installment of season 2 of 'Legends & Lies',  Episode: The Patriots: John Adams - Ready for War.  It seems to be an awesome series.  I highly recommend it. 

It's extremely sad how progressives want to scrub the founding of America from the school history books.  It's just more proof that they are sickened by America and all it stands for (or stood for pre-progressive movement/obama).

Growing up I loved Schoolhouse Rock.  They were very short (within the attention span of children), very informative little educational programs played during Saturday morning cartoons.  They probably sicken progressives, but his latest episode reminded me of this.  I would recommend playing it for any child of appropriate age (probably 4 or 5+).