Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox - Tuesday October 18, 2016

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Let's Get Ready To RUUUMMBLLLE!!!
Presidential Debate:  Round 3
Donald J. Trump vs. Hillary R. Clinton

Round 3.  The final round.  If this was a video game, it would be the 'boss level'.  Who is the evil villain and who is the good guy?  Donald 'THE Donald...pussy...pussy real good' Trump vs. 'evil criminal..cross me and you die' Hillary (really???...Hillary had a sexual fling with Vince Foster...where is Vince now).  Or are they both evil?  Are we looking at Godzilla vs. Mothra?

Will this be a brawl of hate-filled insults?  Will they stay on the issues?  Will Trump smash Hillary into the podium as she goads him into getting off of his campaign-winning issues and onto crap?  Will he glare at her with that 'Tump look', and throw her into a medical emergency causing her, in her weakened health condition, to collapse?  Will Trumps eardrums burst as they are subjected to that cackling laugh?  Will he succumb to her 'I'm better than ALL Americans' smugness?  Stay tuned.  When?

8:00pm CT...the final battle begins.  Will it end tonight, or will they tumble in the dirt all the way to election day?  You decide.