Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox - Monday October 31, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox is a place for cable news enthusiasts. Here you can discuss cable news ratings, personalities, news, politics, and just about anything else you desire.

It is an open forum for all discussions...thus referred to as 'The Sandbox'.

Hello all.  A note from the mayor of our community...

I believe we are all adults here.  Even a progressive in their parents basement is probably an adult.  Well…to some extent.

We all like lively debate here.  Fascinating debate.  We like interesting info, articles, items from Twitter or elsewhere to share with others.  Items others might not have seen.  Many people spend a lot of time discovering items to share.  Things that might help give people tips that will allow others to defend against the poisonous ideology of progressivism, and just things we think might make people go 'hmmmmm' or laugh.  We want people to stop by and go ‘Hey, look at all of the cool stuff!!!  I want to keep an eye on these guys!’  That is a great goal for an awesome community such as ours.  The close community we have built here.

Sure, we can fling political ideology debates, some viscous, where there is an exchange of reasons to back arguments (See recent TB #NeverHillary vs. Levin #NeverTrump debates) and an argument that might even lean a little personal, just a little..conflict...but....  Let’s try to keep the personal attacks to a minimum though. When you see someone or you feel you are in one of those ‘I know you are but what am I’ arguments of the type you would witness from a 5 year old, try to back off.  Either person or both who are involved.

While many strive to post excellent and interesting content, we don’t want to have to page down through two+ screens of ‘you are a doody head…no you are…no one likes you…well you are etc….etc…ad nauseam infinitum’.  MAYBE one or two responses or a couple of humorous videos or images as a response.  Something people might laugh at and enjoy.  If pages of such inane posts are on the site, then no one will scroll down to see the excellent posts.  A passer-by won’t even think awesome posts could even exist on the site so they wouldn’t even scroll down once.  The people who post the fascinating content will say 'Hell with it.  I spent an hour on that and it's lost in the abyss of a cesspool of nonsense.'

It’s not right for the people who have spent the time to create awesome and informative posts to get them online only to have them immediately buried in garbage.  Please be a bit mindful of others so we can remain a completely open and interesting community.

Thank you…TB……