Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration 2017

Special Inauguration Edition

45th President of the United States
Donald J. Trump

I have created this special place for this special day.  Today we begin the restoration of pride in America.  Putting America first.  America has become the weak laughingstock of the world.  'Leading from behind', as obama has called it.  Translated:  'Putting America behind'.  Today we begin to correct that with the end of an error.

Here we can focus on the inauguration, events, views of the future, insanity of protestersProtesters such as the proud incoherent protesters spotlighted last night, including the young child proudly lighting fires in the street to protest our new leader.  Krauthammer nailed it...the brainwashing propaganda of the child...'shades of ISIS'.  Chilling.

We will now have a leader who will 'drain that swamp' and clean up some of the progressive filth that has been infesting America.

The weekend 'Thursday' page will post this evening at its regular time.