Saturday, November 3, 2012

Help People Think About the REAL American Dream

The deceptive garbage from Obama makes me sick!  Obama ends his rallies with:

" matter who you are or where you come from what you look like how you started out you can achieve the American dream.  That's what we're fighting for......."

It's a vague and emotional talking point just like his 'Hope & Change' from 2008.  It's left up to a persons own imagination.  What is 'Hope & Change'?  During the last election if you asked 10 different people you might have received 10 different answers, and NONE of them would have been anything obama had ever said.  It's all an illusion.  Obama is an illusion.

This time it's 'The American Dream'.  When he says that, what is going through his sheeples minds?  The 'DREAM' that is the dream that he has mentioned?  The PROGRESSIVE dream???  Or does it go beyond that dream.  Do the people have a REAL dream?

Challenge.   Everyone needs to go to a liberal who is going to throw the country down the drain with an obama vote and ask them:

"Do you believe in 'The American Dream'?"

"What is 'The American Dream'?"

"What is YOUR view of 'The American Dream'?"

"What is YOUR dream?"

"Do you know what obamas 'American Dream' is?"

Explain it to them, then ask them if they think Americans should be 'dreaming' about being limited to the 'middle class'.  Ask them if they have EVER heard obama mention anything about excelling beyond the middle class.  If they have kids, ask them:

"Do you tell your kids that 'they can be anything or have anything', or do you tell them that 'they can have a great middle class lifestyle if they work hard'?"

"Do you tell your kids [gasp] that they might even be rich one day, or do you tell them that 'you don't want to do that because rich are evil'?

"Has obama EVER told people 'you can achieve and be rich'?"

Ask them, "What is 'The American Dream', if you can't dream all the way to the top?"

Obama HATES America, and HATES the American sheeple.  He wants to kick them in the teeth, and keep them down.

Spread the word, define your dreams, and get the liberals who haven't voted yet to THINK (if possible).

Obama...  The American NIGHTMARE!!!