Thursday, February 13, 2014

TVNewser Emergency Meeting Location

Posters at the TVNewser Scoreboard have enjoyed freedom for over 5 years.  Currently we have been under siege by mediamatters censorship NAZIS.  I am creating a place for the regular TVNewser Scoreboard posters to keep in touch, suggest topics they would like to converse under, and generally know that their comments will not be deleted.  I will also create a place to post comments that have been posted by the regulars and deleted at the Scoreboard and at other sites.

This is a work in process, thrown up quickly in this 'crises'.  Eventually I will get this site running more efficiently, probably getting rid of cute but extraneous things that slow it down.

Ignore the shopping stuff.  It's not here as a money maker and I haven't even updated the shopping stuff in years.  I'm opening the door for open posting.  Go for it.

And even if you go elsewhere.  You can drop by here to let the other regulars know where we can get in touch with you, since many have set their Disqus accounts to private.