Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harry Reid's Koch Addiction

By recon3e3
I am one who goes into the conspiracy theory stuff too much. But on RCP, I was reading some of the nut job Harry Reid comments from the Senate floor concerning the Koch Brothers, and how they are major contributors if not worse polluters and cause for climate change in the world.

He seems to have a particular problem with these guys that goes beyond just normal political battles and statements. It seems personal and I wonder if there are some business reasons and investments that are not doing well because the Koch's are into oil and Harry is into wind and other energy sources that are not doing as well.

But the conspiracy thing, and I will say up front probably a theory not to be taken too seriously, is if Harry and the global climate nuts are trying to make laws and treaties that they can claim are a problem "for humanity and the environment" and those involved "terrorist" "environmental criminals" and engaged in "crimes against humanity" to be prosecuted in criminal courts either in the US or world courts.

I read the statements of Kerry, Reid and others and it seems to be a common thread to these environmental and global warming or climate change nuts that they want their policies enacted in criminal laws to the point of prosecution for what and who they will determine based on their beliefs to be the problems.

The thing is a majority may believe there may be problems and we need to be good or better stewards of the earth. I do think we should be looking at various ways to obtain and use energy. I do believe we can do better and do so without harming the economy. I believe in the use of all sources of energy and cleaner energy.

But the bottom line is most and myself included think the earth corrects itself and there are times of warming, cooling, rain, drought, whatever. These things existed prior to all the things they claim man has caused.

I don't know if Harry is a environmental nut in the same context as Gore and others, but rather he has made his bets on alternative energy and the Koch's and others involved in fossil fuels are interfering with his making money. But that said, who knows.

Taking Harry as a nut job and add the ingredient of being a power hungry and greedy nut, he may not only believe his own crap, he may do everything he can to make those who oppose him and engage in fossil fuels branded as "war criminals," and "environmental terrorist" to be prosecuted and thrown in jail or even executed for their crimes.

But then he isn't alone, and in the movement he and others he may be thinking of are powerful people with money and influence and should not be taken lightly or with grain of salt as just nuts. With the Hollywood and entertainment people, big media, politicians have the backing of culture hero's.  They have a big voice and the American people as shown by the election twice of Obama and things seen in polls are just dolt enough to fall in line.

We will always need and use fossil fuels such as coal and oil, or at least we will for the foreseeable future until technology finds and can produce economical and efficient ways to deliver what we need. Probably not in most of our lifetimes. We need to continue to find ways to produce and deliver coal and other fuels in cost effective and cleaner ways.

That industry is working hard at that, and to think they are not is silly. It is in their own best interest to do so. You can bet the Koch's and others are. Again, it is in their own best interest to do so. And you can bet they are keeping their eyes on alternative ways to produce and deliver energy, as that is in their own best interest in the market.

Harry and those involved with him are either just too stupid to see that, or they are invested with others and afraid the Koch's and those proclaimed to be "environmental terrorist and criminals" will beat them to those energy and delivery methods and make the money.

Title by Levin Inches

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