Monday, March 16, 2015

Random Thoughts...

By Levin Inches
March 16, 2015

If the rumors that Valerie Jarrett is responsible for leaking the information regarding the Clinton email scandal are true, she should definitely be watching her back very carefully. The Clintons have had people whacked before for doing far less.

Are you a fan of the movie "Psycho"? If you are, then I suggest you tune into "Bates Motel". I'm not normally a big sitcom guy, but that show has me hooked. The young man playing Norman Bates does a fantastic job. He even reminds me in some ways of Anthony Perkins. And the way the storyline is progressing is the perfect lead up to the events that transpire in the movie. As I said, if you enjoyed "Psycho", you will enjoy "Bates Motel" as well. Check it out, if you haven't already.

Is it just me, or does Elisabeth Hasselback look like a life-sized bobble head doll?

Ted Cruz is running for President. And once the primary season gets roaring, he's going to surprise the s#it out of all the doubters who have been calling him "unelectable", and a "back bencher". Contrary to what progressives (in both parties) think, his message will radiate with voters all over the country. Conservative principles work when they're tried. And he's going to try them. It will be refreshing to see a candidate that's not afraid to stand on his principles, and run. The GOP has been missing that. I'm not endorsing, or backing him. All I'm saying is that underestimating him is a mistake.

The letter sent to the Iranian leaders, by the Republicans in the Senate may very well be the first thing they've done right since they took over in January. I've seen articles, and comments on the web criticizing this action, and it warms my heart. The sooner the GOP realizes that being criticized by progressives is a badge of honor that should be worn proudly, the sooner they'll be back on the right path. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the GOP leadership is so damn scared to do what they were sent to Washington to do. Voters spoke out loud and clear in November...and the message was Stop Obama, and his destruction of America!. It wasn't work with Obama to continue destroying America. It wasn't give Obama everything he wants to destroy America. Stop being afraid to do what you were elected to do!!!! Obama's negotiations with Iran are detrimental to the survival of Israel, and a danger to not only that region...but to the entire world. No deal is far better than a bad deal. And anytime Obama's involved, it's a bad deal.

How long does it take Peter King to get his hair to look like that?

Someone should pull Lindsey Graham off to the side, and tell him to save his time and money. John Feinstein-McCain already ran for President and lost. His mini-me shouldn't expect any different outcome.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, baby! If you get a chance, sit in a lawn chair...and enjoy a green beer. Try it with a side of bacon. It's awesome.

Have a great week, everyone. See ya on the boards.