Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Thoughts...

By Levin Inches
March 23, 2015

Contrary to the rumors you may have heard...I am not responsible for the end of Lara Spencer's marriage. When she got in the hot tub, I had no idea she was married. Surely, that alleviates all of my responsibility right...? It's not like she was wearing a ring!

It's official, Ted Cruz is in for 2016. Do you hear that? It's not the sound of DaCubman's popcorn. It's actually progressive heads (in both parties) exploding all over the country. Pop, pop, pop. Viva la Cruz. Trust me, his message will resonate with voters everywhere. Underestimating him is a mistake.

Yemen is on the verge of civil war. Wasn't Obama just bragging about how Yemen was an example of peace, or some other such nonsense? Another shining example of the man's colossal failures in foreign policy. I wonder if there isn't a youtube video that no one has ever seen that is responsible.

My UNI Panthers got smoked last night by Louisville. You had a great year, fellas. Be proud of your accomplishments. And bravo to Louisville. They're a solid team, with an awesome coach.

Getting back to 2016, I honestly think that this will be the strongest primary field that the GOP has had since the late 70's. With Conservatives like Cruz, Paul, Walker, and Carson likely being in the's going to be less likely that the GOP will end up with a squishy French Republican as their nominee. Although, as I've pointed out before...Jeb Act of Love Bush is going to have a shipload of money behind him. He will be a formidable opponent in the primary. It's going to take Conservative principles to beat him. Thankfully, for the first time in decades...there's going to be a field full of Conservative principles.

Got a few more inches of global warming here over the night. Algore should be out front of my office shoveling for me, right now. I'd love to be able to shove his face in a snow bank right about now.

Anyway, have a great week Sandboxers. Always remember. A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless you fail to make the turn!

See ya on the boards.