Friday, January 15, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox - Thursday January 14, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox is a place for cable news enthusiasts. Here you can discuss cable news ratings, personalities, news, politics, and just about anything else you desire.

It is an open forum for all discussions...thus referred to as 'The Sandbox'.

***  NEW POLLS  ***

We have two new polls.  We have a poll for the GOP FBN debate on January 14, 2016 debate.  I have also updated the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination with a new poll.  I will probably change it more frequently as the dynamics of the race will be changing quicker.

I have also updated the photoshop/meme of the week (?) in the sidebar.  Please share it.  It was created by TOTUS, h/t to buzzit for the text used.

Thank you all for visiting the site during this exciting election season!!!...TruthBeagle......