Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox - Tuesday January 12, 2016

The Cable News Sandbox is a place for cable news enthusiasts. Here you can discuss cable news ratings, personalities, news, politics, and just about anything else you desire.

It is an open forum for all discussions...thus referred to as 'The Sandbox'.

TruthBeagle Powerball Pool

I have changed the '$1' donate (Pay Now) option to a button labeled 'PB $10.00'.  If you would like to enter our Powerball pool select that button,  type 'Powerball' into the comments to seller, and you will be part of our winning team (no guarantees...just a lot of hopes of winning).  Everyone who enters will get an equal split of the prize if we win the big kahuna.  Anything you put in beyond the initial $10 will just help the group and the odds.  It will not increase your percentage of the split.  Each $10 will add 5 tickets into the pool (No Powerball option.  For this, we are going all out for the big prize so we will purchase the $2.00 tickets)

Anything beyond the grand prize may or may not be split among the people in the pool, depending upon the amount.  That determination will be made at the time of tallying any winnings.  If we have 10 entrants and won $3.00 on one ticket it wouldn't really make sense to 'send out the winnings'.  One of two things will happen with the winnings outside of the big prize.  They will either be dispersed equally among all entrants, or we will figure out a charity to send it to.  I will list the amount and get everyone's opinion on what to do with it.  It would be nice, as suggested, to keep any minor winnings for the site.  Being a one person operation with no legal team, my guess is that if it was intended to possibly support the site, it could be looked upon as a scheme for a 'business' profiting off of the lottery and I would need a license to 'sell' tickets.  To keep it equivalent to just a group of people gathering to increase their odds, I won't do that.

I will purchase the tickets with any funds received sometime around 4:30-5:00pm Wednesday January 13, 2016.  Thank you and good luck!!!...TruthBeagle......